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musilon in a nutshell

Musilon is a student choir at the University Twente which specializes in pop songs.

The choir started started as a small group of students performing mainly jazz, pop, rock, and even some classical pieces and quickly grew to a choir of more than 50 members whom up until this day still rehearse every Monday.




Open Rehearsals in February 2022

Because we need enough rehearsals to prepare for the concerts, Musilon only accepts new members at the start of each semester: September and February. Right now, the earliest moment to become a member is February 2022. The open rehearsals are planned for the 31st of January 31st,  February 7th, and 14th. At these open rehearsals you can experience a rehearsal and see if Musilon is something for you.

Musilon is open for all members to join, no prior experience is required, though recommended. If you want to become a member there is a small voice group test, in which we determine your range and voice group. For a Musilon membership you will need a UnionCard/CampusCard




Fun At musilon

Our choir normally organises two concerts every year in which we will perform some of our newest songs. One concert will be around Christmas and we perform one just before the summer break as well. The concerts themself are mostly sung ‘a cappela’ or accompanied with a piano, occasionally joined by other associations providing dance, more instruments, or even more choir!

We also organize other activities such as study weekends, sport activities like skating, or even a bycicle dinner in which every course is at a different place, and many more. After each rehearsal we also stay to sing even more and often end the evening in the Vestingbar.

Musilon at your Event!

Are you looking for musical entertainment at your event? Then Musilon is what you are looking for! We can perform at all sorts of events, such as openings, festivals, and we even have a special christmas repotoire for the holidays. Filled with enthusiastic members across multiple voice groups we are ready to provide you with an awesome a capella show.

You can build your own performance from songs from our reportoire or we can add some special requests if so desired. Create a themed performance related to Christmas or the happiness of Summer for instance. We are available for the entire year, except for the summer holiday.

Are you just as enthusiastic as we are? Do not hesitate and contact the board using the form on the bottom of the page!

Upcoming events

10 December - Winter Concert

8pm Show start


11 December - Winter Concert

3pm Show start


Josefien de Graaf


Phu Mihn Lu


Come in contact!


+31 637417856

Vocal Group Musilon
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